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If you are at all a regular visitor to our site, and we hope that you are, then you’d know we have featured some truly massive black asses in the time we have been bring you the biggest, juiciest asses we can find. Today marks another jaw dropping extreme ass. Check out this big thick, cellulite riddled black ass! How’d you like all of that bent over and ready for you??

black ass with cellulite

Damn I really can’t tear my eyes away from that extra large bottom. Girl must get some crazy stares walking around with all of that booty meat wobbling around. Be a hard job just getting panties to cover all of it. Maybe that’s my she walked in with most of it bulging out of a tiny pair of crocked panties.

She likes a big dick though and warns you gotta have 8 inches minimum to please her. I think you’d need to be just to accommodate the phat tail on this thick girl.

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This is our first time posting any pics of black booty model Coco Isis. She is from Atlanta and very cute and bubbly. She really enjoyed doing this scene with the Bootylicious team and it shows in the pics… look at that knockout smile (if you can drag your eyes away from that extreme black ass that is!).

Coco Isis

That outfit she looks like she has been poured into doesn’t cover much skin. Underneath a tiny blue g-string does nothing to contain that phat bottom. She likes to flaunt that shelf ass and have guys checking her out all day.

extreme black ass

Head over to Bootylicious to grab the full episode of Coco working that extreme ass. Make sure to check out all their other booty babes while you are there too!

How big is too big for an ass? For me the term does not compute. As long as the butt is not saggy or sloppy I’ll take ‘em as big as the good Lord makes ‘em! Some of the most extreme asses I have ever seen come from the guys at 40oz Bounce. These guys sure know where to find the most epic booty I’ll give them that. I couldn’t pick out one of their girls today so I’ve decided to give you a compilation of a handful of their biggest, juiciest, phatest asses… enjoy!

giant asses

epic booty

fat culo

A man can only take so much of these mega donks jiggling and bouncing around in his face before he has to do something about. I rarely make it through a one of their movies completely before having to ah… ease the tension. I’ve yet to see one of their models that didn’t impress me with her bottom heavy proportions so I always know where to go to scratch the itch if you will!

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Holy cow these bitches have some ass between them. Most of it belongs to the thick sista on the left Decollecter. Her enormous booty makes her friends look small. But Satinlace also has a nice meaty donk. With the two of them all oiled up and bent over the only question is which one you want to stick your dick into first!

brown fat booty

The girls first tease us by parading in some skimpy thongs and getting those apple bottoms all lubed up and ready. Then their play thing arrives. A hot brotha with a big 12 inches of chocolate cock for them to work over til he covers them in cum.

Lots of hot dick riding by these big brown asses is the highlight of this movie. Join the 40oz Bounce site to download the full video and all the pictures as well as seeing hundreds more extreme asses put to the test.

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Damn this bitch has got a whole lot of fat brown ass on her. Meet a pear shaped BBBW by the name of Paradise. Not only has this girl got a mega ass those thunder thighs look thick as tree trunks. I think you’d need to be ready when this ghetto girl backs all of that up less you get crushed.

thunder thighs

Here’s some pictures from a couple of the sets she shot with Black Mama. Both of them feature her in skimpy outfits that do little to coverage her gigantic buttocks. That’s got to be 50 inches worth if ever I’ve seen it!

huge bum

Paradise has got some big titties on her too it’s just that her huge lower half dwarfes them. I’m sure if you had your face between them you’d get a more accurate perspective!

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Sweet Lord Jesus this girl has an insane booty! Meet a chocolate model who goes by the name of LA Brown. When I saw these photos of her my jaw nearly hit the floor. The side profile on her is almost like a cartoon her hip to waist ratio is so off the chart! Her huge buttocks look like a couple of basketball jutting out proudly of her lacy thong panties. That is a shelf ass if ever I have seen one. I could rest my beer, cigs and all my old football trophies on that and still have room for more haha.

shelf ass

LA Brown

insane booty

These are just a few pics from the hot shoot she did with Showgirlz. I suggest you pay a visit to their wonderful site to find out how to see the fell series. I was late discovering there site and now that I have it is one of my all time favorites. They have over 750 models and their content is always top quality. Be sure to take a look.

When you get a couple of girls like these two with oversized asses you are gonna need to have a big ol’ cock in order to fuck them properly. That’s no problem with this brotha. He must be part donkey because that is one thick monster cock he has been blessed with and he likes sharing it around.

monster cock

After the girls take turns licking that python up and down to get it fully erect they want that whopper inside them. He puts it in their pussies first but soon decides he wants an even tighter fit and stuffs it inside one of the girls asses. She moaned loudly when he wedged that massive black dick in her anus but it stretched to accommodate it and he was soon pounding her hard.

big dick anal

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Damn where can I find a car wash like this??? I am fussy as shit when it comes to detailing my new car but I would be willing to risk a poor job and swirl marks in exchange for seeing the big fat wet asses of Cherokee D Ass and Pinky jiggle around. I haven’t seen either of these big butt queens for a long time so I nearly creamed my jeans when I noticed this new video at Ass Parade this evening.

pinky and cherokee

We’ve got some preview photos and some short video clips from the huge movie and you better believe this is one no self respecting ass man wants to miss. The girls get to work washing the truck in their skimpy singlets and tiny thongs. between this pair there must be 100 inches of extreme ass. As they bend and scrub away their sloppy wet butts jiggle, wobble and bounce around and I nearly bust a nut before we get to the main course!

fat wet asses

Both these legendary big butt pornstars show they have lost none of their cock riding skills too. Their lucky co-star gets pummeled by both of their basketball booties before he blows his load on them.

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Damn that is one unforgettable ass I thought to myself as I watched Diamond Mason on all fours sucking cock. Wearing a sexy one piece thong swimsuit her basketball sized buns bulge out and look like they would make for a really nice ride. I think an ass like hers is just made for banging.

extreme black ass

That extreme black ass is just not for looking at. Diamond shows us she knows how to use it too. She backs that big basketball booty up to her mans cock so he can he can give her a good pounding. Check out some pictures from the video to see what happens when she lets that fat African booty loose.

large booty

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There’s close to 100 inches of combined phat tail in this set of pictures from Extreme Asses. These ghetto booty babes are straight from The Projects and both are packing plenty of trunk junk and man do these hoes know how to work it to their full advantage. I am sure they have hustled plenty of guys by jiggling those king size donks in their face.

jiggle booty

The girls start out in short shorts and then peel them off to reveal very small g-string bikini bottoms. They then help each other coat those big brown butts up with hot oil and get them wet and shiny. They shake their fat black asses in front of the camera for a while and all the crew were getting boners watching all of that rump bouncing around. They introduced their male talent to the girls and both of them were soon sharing that big white cock between them.

g-string ghetto bikini

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