I tell ya if looking at big butt moms walking around is your thing then a place like Walmart is a good place to hunt. There is something about this place that just attracts middle aged women with over-sized asses. Maybe because it’s cheap and nasty like a lot of them? In any case I have seen some memorable butts there in my time.

Walmart ass

This chick here looks like a prime example of the type of slightly slutty single mom you see frequenting the place. Sure she may be a little better dressed but she has that skanky look with the tattoos and see through lace thong. I think this cougar dresses to impress and the bulge in my pants suggests it’s working haha!

mom thong panties

There is a hot video of this cougar getting nailed at Bubble Butt Moms. There site features only mature women with a bit extra in the booty department. If this sounds like your kinda woman then I recommend checking them out.

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