Ever single time I see Serena Williams play tennis I am staggered by the size of her booty. It is massive!! Her thick body type seems to be the opposite of most other women tennis players at the moment. Not that I am complaining I watch her matches just to get an eyeful of that giant bubble butt bounce around the court under her sexy outfits.

serena williams fat ass

I will say that the outfits of the players lately are getting less revealing, which is criminal! It seemed like years ago ever female tennis player would be showing a lot more under their little skirts. Bring back the days of tiny panties with wedgies galore and ass cheeks hanging out everywhere! Can you imagine Serena wearing this thong out on court??!!

serena williams thong booty

I nearly fainted when I saw these revealing Serena Williams pictures of her in a “way too small for that booty” pair of bikini bottoms. Just look at that fat ass stretching that see thru fabric and spilling out the bottom! I bet Serena was all like Oops when she saw an excited paparazzi snapping away.

serena williams big booty

The guy that snared these thong booty pictures is my new hero! He even managed to get a really nice closeup of those thick ass cheeks bulging out as Serena turned her back on him haha! Damn that’s a whole lotta ass!